Are you having the medium or long straight hair? Or are you having the natural curl hair? Are you eager to change your hair look to have the fascinating spiral curl hair? Of course, you can try curl extensions to get the new hair look in less time. But if you are not willing to buy curl extensions, you can style your own hair in perfect spiral curls with a curling iron. Or if you are wearing your own straight hair extensions, and you want spiral curl look. One simple alternative can be also to curl your extensions with a curling iron without spending extra money to purchase another curl extensions. And good quality human hair extensions can be cleaned, heated and styled in the same way as your own hair. I will take human hair extensions as the representative of your hair extensions in the text. So you don’t need to visit a salon to style your own hair or hair extensions in perfect spiral curls, either. Whatever the hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight, you can achieve the spiral curl look at home by using a curling iron and practicing a few techniques. To be honest, curly hair is more easier to style the look, while straight hair would cost more time and practice. Following you can see.


Step 1
Shampoo your hair or extensions properly, then gently comb it to eliminate knots.
Step 2
Apply styling gel to the damp hair. Begin at the hair roots and smooth the gel to the ends of the hair. You should get rid of the tape or the bond of your hair extensions.
Step 3
Dry the hair completely with a hairdryer. If the hair is curly, you should diffuse it.
Step 4
Place most of your hair in a ponytail, but leave the bottom layer of the hair loose and free.
Step 5
Take a piece of free hair, approximately 1 to 2 inches in width, and place the end of the chosen hair on the curling iron clamp. Then rotate the curling iron around the hair until the whole strand of the hair wraps around the outside bar of the curling iron, covering the clamp itself.
Step 6
Hold the curling iron vertically for about 30 seconds. But straight hair or difficult-to-curl hair may require more time.
Step 7
Release the hair wrapping around the curling iron, but continue to hold the iron vertically so to allow the curl to fall away from the curling iron.
Step 8
Spray the spiral curl lightly with hairspray. Gather the curl and pin it to your scalp with a hairpin. Put the hairpin through the center of the curl to avoid damage the texture.
Step 9
Repeat Step 5 to Step 8 until all of your loose hair is curled, then release more hair from the ponytail. Repeat the curling and pinning until all the hair on your head have been curled.
Step 10
Apply hairspray lightly all over your head to keep the curls.
Step 11
It is about an hour before removing the pins. And then allow the curls to bounce free. Do not brush or comb the curls right away but arrange them with your fingers.

In the whole procedure, the smaller the bar of the curling iron is, the tighter the spiral curl would be.

Have you got it? You can wear your spiral curls for a casual look. You can add the highlight to your elegant style for formal occasions. Change converts to more attractive you.