Hello! Long time no share something here. To complete the last topic, bangs matching with face shapes. We have shared the best bangs for the round face and the heart-shaped face. How about going on with the long face?

If your face is the long face, getting from How to Measure Face to Determine the Face Shape, the length of your face is longer than the width, their measure numbers would fall into the ratio of 1 to 1.5 or more. To make yourself more beautiful, you would like to make your face appear wider and cover up the large forehead. If you do the brilliant bangs or use hair pieces to help you create the satisfying bangs, you can realize your willing to make your long face more charming.

And if you have the long face and the long hair, you must need bangs. Because long hair can extend the appearance of your face, but bangs can help shorten all long lines of your face.

If you are the straight hair, you can also create more width with bangs. Bangs can make your face appear shorter because they cover up a particularly large forehead. But if you don’t want to be recognized to be out of fashion, you’d better have a better bang not the dated bang. So do not curl your bangs under, and make sure your stylist gives your bangs a few delicate layers instead of cutting straight across, or you’ll look like a 4-year-old child. And the bangs should hit at your brow or just be under it. Too short bangs are also dated.

long face bangs

Like the bangs in the above picture, great, aren’t they? You can follow them, getting the long and side-swept bangs.

 - Cosmopolitan.com

Of course, I think the hairstyle for its thick bang which starts up at the crown shortens the length of the long face. Look, the above picture. It is also nice, though I don’t have so fine hair in the volume for this thick bang. What do you think of it? If you are the long face with the thick hair, lucky, you can go for it, the heavy blunt bang. Moreover, this kind of bang looks great with long hair, or shoulder-length hair or short hair. Is it gorgeous?

That’s all. You can make a try now.