Buns are a kind of classic hair look, which can be styled in many different ways. They can be elegant and pretty for any formal occasion, and casual and simple for daily life as well. In the article, How to Roll a Ponytail or a Bun, we have simply shared base steps on doing a bun. Then, this time I want to write how to do the bun with loose, flowing curls and adding a headband. Because flowing curls with the loose bun can make your look nifty, and adding a headband can make you unique.


Step 1
Naturally, your clean and dry hair is the base for any style. After the cleaning and drying, you can spray conditioner to offer a heat protection to your hair. Then divide you hair into two sections by using the comb(a tail comb is useful) to create a centre line. Again, divide these two sections into two smaller sections respectively. At either of sides, one smaller section is above the top of the ear, the other smaller section is below the top of the ear.

Step 2
Use hair clips to secure these section hair in place. Then take off clip on left bottom section and use a 1-inch barrel curling iron to curl 1-inch-wide strands until the entire section hair are curled. Please notice that to keep away from your face is safe to you. Next to take off clip on right bottom section and repeat the curling motion. The same to the two top sections.

Step 3
When it comes to the step, all your hair are curled. You can spray lightly some hairspray on them. Then gather all your hair at the side of nape of your neck and twist them around the bar of your hair, a bun coming into being. You can pin it in the place with bobby pins.

Step 4
Gently pull tendrils of hair out of the bun. Now, there is some loose curls framing your face. You can comb these curls and spray some hairspray to show them neater.

Step 5
Choose a headband according to your look. If it is for a casual look, the better options are yarn, plain or plastic headbands. If the look is for formal, you can go for more ornate headbands with rhinestones or intricate styles. A tiara would be perfect for more formal occasions, such as a wedding or prom.

Use curling irons with various barrel sizes can create different looks. Tighter ringlets can create a more retro, gorgeous look, while looser waves create a more casual feeling. Tie a scarf as a headband is for a fun, vintage look. For a more funky, avant-garde look, you can try positioning the bun higher on your head.

You can choose types you like to do your unique bun looks. No matter you are going to a formal party or just hang out with your friends, you can enjoy your side bun with loose, flowing curls and adding your headband. Is it versatile for beautiful you all the time? You can tell us!