Why short hairdos have been so popular these years? Compared with long hair looks, short hair maybe fade a little bit when it comes to elegance. However, it surely goes with an air of cool confidence, speedy air-dry time and a less sweaty neck during summer.

Besides, in terms of styling, the one of short hair is limiting seemingly. Obviously, there are a large number of styles available for long locks. But, it can not be denied that short hair looks as charming as long locks. If you are tired of wearing your hair down every day, how about spicing things up by styling your hair into braids. Here are 3 incredibly easy braided styles for you to try.

This braided bangs is most suitable for those who have all-one-length or mostly one length hair. Of course, you can create it even though you have choppier layers, but make sure that you use a hair product to add grips to keep little pieces in place. Start with creating a deep side part and then braid from one side to the other. Add small sections to it while braiding. When reach braid over your ear, pin the braid back or tie the whole back section into a low pony.


If you are wearing a bob or a lob, you can try this milkmaid style. By creating loose, messy French braids and fastening them behind your head into a mess of a braided bun, you can get a very sweet, and charming hair look. Speaking of the advantages of the style, you may consider the fact that it is not a ‘neat’ style and you do not need to tidy up every strand. After creating French braids in both sides, you can pin the braids well or twist them into a bun, all depending on your hair volume and preference.


The dual dutch braids surely make your hair look pretty chic. When it comes to the styling of this ‘do, it is more or less the same as the one of French braid. But different from French braid, you need to pass strands under one another. The final look of the braid will look more ‘pointing’ backwards and appear to be more raised than a classic French braid. Tie the remaining hair into a low pony once you reach the nape of your neck. Finish with some hard-hold hairspray to keep the precise hair look.