According to a new study of female hair loss, the symptom can be significantly improved by using certain nutrients. When it comes to female hair loss, up to 40 percent of the female population are victims of it, and over half of them are older than 50.

Hair loss is not life threatening, but it can result in psychological problems, and even does harm to physical health. Because of being not life threatening, female hair loss has not yet been treated typically as a serious problem in the medical arena.

Speaking of treatments for the symptom, some experts suggest using a variety of vitamins and other nutrients, for these ingredients are effective when used by both women and men to stimulate hair growth and slow balding.

The study of female hair loss focuses on the evaluation of the use of specific nutrients on hair density, hair diameter, and telogen hair percentage. 120 women participated in the research, randomly assigned to take a certain amount of nutrients for six months.


Female Hair Loss Study

80 participants are in the treatment groups, half of them being premenopausal and the others postmenopausal. The rest is in the control group, consisted of 20 premenopausal and 20 postmenopausal women. In the treatment group, 460 mg fish oil, 460 mg black currant seed oil, 5 mg vitamin E, 30 mg vitamin C, and 1 mg lycopene make up of the supplement. Throughout the study, all the participants used a same neutral shampoo.

At the end of the study, the women in the treatment group showed the improvement. Comparing with the control group, several benefits can be found. The datum comes form scientific measurement.

  • Telogen hair percentage was significantly reduced.
  • Hair density and diameter were increased.
  • According to self reports, 86.1 percent expressed they had an improvement in hair diameter, 89.9 said they found less hair loss, and 87.3 said that they had a greater hair density.

Female Hair Loss Causes

What are the reasons for female hair loss? Quite a lot of factors may be to be blamed, such as heredity, poor diet, excessive use of heat or chemicals in styling, eating disorders, stress, pregnancy, hormone imbalances, etc.


This study shows that the use of supplementation can help reduce hair loss. Of course, there are many treatments for the symptom. For more information about how to reduce hair loss, click in http://www.amazingbeautyworld.com/natural-treatments-for-hair-loss/