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The clip-in hair extension is a kind of hair extensions taking on the now classic wefted hair extension. Clips are sewn onto the wefted hair which allows them to be quickly attached and removed with ease. It can occur to be little strand and a large size weft.

Compared with other hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions are more convenient to apply to your natural hair and discharge without the long-term commitment of sewing or gluing in hair extensions. So they can be easily applied by yourself more than going to the professional salon or the hairdresser’s store. And they can be comfortably and securely remained in place all day long with the right application. Moreover, it can recycle.

Therefore, Clip-in hair extensions are the first choice for adding length, volume and color to your own hair, giving you a new and more luscious look. All the processes can be done in a matter of minutes. From all above, there are several advantages and benefits of clip-in hair extensions.

First, they are easy to apply and discharge whenever you prefer to do. The application just costs a matter of minutes for its special design. That is the sewn pressure sensitive clips. You can press the center of clips to turn on these clips and then press the opposite side to fix the hair after finishing the place choosing of hair extensions. While it will takes several hours to have a salon or a hairstyle in a salon or hairdresser’s.

Second, a superior quality set of clip-in hair extensions costs less than expensive and time-consuming trips to the salon or the hairdresser’s. For its relative simple design and application, the clip-in hair extension has lower cost with the same quality hair. And it can recycle, which makes the hair extension have a longer life time. It is economic.

Third, clip-in hair extensions are the perfect solution for quick and easy changes of hairstyle. Naturally, it is not a problem to add length and volume without waiting for your hair to grow. In addition, you can add highlights to your hair by choosing a lighter color hair extension without coloring your own hair, and even add bangs without a haircut. From the straight to the wavy, it is still not a problem.

The last but not least, the clip-in hair extension won’t damage your hair and scalp. All we can see, the application process of clip-in hair extension has no chemical substances and treatment. That would be better for your hair and even health. But it would be much better for you if you discharge them when you go to bed and give them the daily care.

Are you flipped at them? There is doubt to get the clip-in hair extension with so many companies, like stylists, celebrities and even your friends. It is a shared beautiful secret.