There is no doubt there are plenty of distinct shades of red and brown. You can see them from people’s hair. So do hair extensions. If you want to experience the different color hair in a healthier way, hair extensions come to be your need. And it’s necessary to know which color would make you look the greatest. Form the text, What Do Different Hair Colours Express? we have learned the general impressions of several main kinds of color. But basically, the appearance can be comfortable only the color of your hair is suitable for you. So how to get the greatest color of hair for individuals? Now, we will singly take various reds as examples. So how to embrace the greatest red for individuals?

The colors of red vary from soft pink proper to deep purple-red. And each shade can be greater or even worse matched with different individuals in accordance to one’s natural hair and eye color, in addition to the skin color. It may sound not easy, but the fact would be different only if you get to grip with the method of Munsell color evaluation.

The Munsell method is universally adopted among painters, color makers, hairdressers etc., who are interested in colors. The Munsell system identifies color based on three characteristics: hue (for example, undertone is possibly blue or yellow), concentration (depth of color from extremely pale to much dark) and chroma (from extremely clear and vibrant to very boring and muted). Such is likely a color analysis is to set most girls and men into one of six “dominant” groups respectively, which are light, deep, warm, cool, clear and soft. At times it isn’t obvious which group a person gets into. But these characteristics are the standard, which are generalized into six “dominant” groups.


Light: Blonde or light hair, and pale blue, grey or green eyes, and pale eyebrows, and delicate skin. Claudia Schiffer can be a perfect example. This group people can match best with the pale or light red, which is a little dark or shiny.

Deep: Dark brown or black hair, and darkish eyes, and dark eyebrows, and black skin. Catherine Zita-Jones can be an excellent example. This group people can match greatest with the dark and deep red.

Warm: Red-toned hair, and green, brown or blue eyes, and warm-toned eyebrows, and golden skin. The Duchess of York can be a beautiful illustration of this warm group. The most beneficial red for this group is sure to be the orangey-red with that yellowy undertone.

Cool: Ash blond or grey hair, and grey, blue, green or brown eyes, and eyebrows from blond to darkish, and pink or blue undertones to your skin. Judi Dench is a most suitable representative of this cool group. The best red for this group is usually the purple or bluey red with a blue undertone.

Clear: Dark hair, and strikingly blue or topaz eyes, and dark eyebrows, and pale to darkish skin tone. Courtney Cox is definite a special illustration of the clear group. The finest red for this group is often a distinct shiny red.

Soft: Darkish blonde hair with red highlights or brown hair, and soft colored eyes in blue, green or brown, and light to darkish eyebrows, and little contrast between hair , eyes and skin color. Kylie Minogue is a perfect instance of the soft group. A soft muted red like the claret red or the raspberry red is OK for this group.

The standard of match of various reds is also fit for the match of other color. You can get your hair extensions to be seen from a mirror. The proper hair color is believed to let you appear more youthful, healthy and beautiful. You are to be more confident yourself. To get your greatest color!