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Anyone that has ever seen fusion hair extensions applied, cut, and styled properly, will tell you that it is hard to identify. Fusion hair extensions are the form of long-term extensions that literally are fused to your own hair for a natural and long lasting effect, while traditional methods such as sewing and clipping may look less natural and appealing. But it is also the fact that there is no “best” hair extension, only the fittest for your needs. I should emphasize that fusion hair extensions are a great choice for people who need them.

Although fusion hair extensions are one of the most expensive types of hair extensions, they are the longer lasting and more natural method of extensions. If properly bonded to the hair, fusion hair extensions can add fullness, length, color and various shapes to your natural hair as well. Typically, the fusion hair extension can lasting between 3 or 6 months. Its color and texture no matter which kind can fuse perfectly to your own hair. And it can be styled and cared in the same way as your own hair. There will be also no damage only if you take care of it and remove it properly.


In general, a bundle of fusion hair extensions has 25 individual strands of hair extension. The amount of bundles that you want will depend on the look which you are trying to achieve and how much budget you will make. And the amount of bundles will determine how long the hair extension application will cost. A full head application can need over 200 strands. The whole application may costs 2 or 6 hours. Moreover, there is a bit of bonding agents at the base of every strand. There are a variety of bonding agent categories from different extensions manufacturers. But the application technologies become the same. Those are hot fusion and cold fusion.

No matter it is the hot fusion or the cold fusion, it would be better if you have a professional stylist do it. The process is known as fusion bonding.(I will give the specific process in next article. You will see.) The bonds will be transparent and undetected. So it seems to be your natural hair. And after the application, you should have it daily cared and visit the salon for regularly scheduled check ups. Apart from, if you want to remove it or have been 6 months wearing, it is also better to have a professional stylist to help you remove it, keeping off the extreme damage to your own hair.

In short, fusion hair extensions can be your best hair extensions if you want the last “longer”, more natural and “without damage”. To take your lifestyle and hair style into consideration, it’s time for you to be a fan of fusion hair extensions.