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Are you looking for the more natural, longer lasting without damage hair extensions? Have you been flipped at the fusion hair extension? You would need more information as reference.

In the former article, the general information of fusion hair extensions has been offered. Next, we will share the knowledge of their application and removing.


To get fusion hair extensions, you’d better have a professional stylist do it. The stylist would first examine your hair and advise on the application method of fusion hair extensions that may suit you. There are two methods so far. One is hot fusion, the other one is cold fusion.

Hot Fusion. In the hot fusion, the hot glue at the base of each strand of your hair extension is heated to fuse the hair extension strand to your natural hair strand. Therefore, it needs a special heat equipment. It will be placed on the bonded end and left there until the adhesive warms.And this procedure is done one by one, which will cost some time. And a plastic spacer will be put under each fusion hair extension strand before heating the glue, which is to protect your scalp from burn. Once the bond is heated up, your stylist will roll the bond in their fingers until it is smooth and cools off, going back to its natural state. And the bond becomes transparent and not obvious. In general, it will repeat about 200 times if you plan to have a full set of fusion hair extensions.

Cold Fusion. The cold fusion method is gentler on the hair and even to your scalp. And it works well especially for fine hair or thin hair. Instead of hot glue and heat, a keratin-based polymer binder is attached to the every hair extension strand and finally fuse the extension strand to your own hair root. It also needs a special equipment, which transforms ultrasound wave’s energy directly into mechanical energy. It is more flexible. And the bond becomes strong, invisible and long-lasting. So this will bring out more natural-looking hair. These extensions can be generally maintained well for about six months.


Since your natural hair will continue to grow at its normal rate, the fused hair extensions will have to be adjusted and re-tightened. Of course, it is a good idea to ask the hair stylist for these maintenance requirements while you are getting fused hair extensions. And you can shampoo and style the fused hair extensions like your own hair.

However, most hair stylists advice that fuse hair extensions should not be worn over six months as there is a chance to damage your natural hair. Therefore, it is also important to remove the fusion hair extension with care. It would be better to get the help from the hair stylist as well. You can select out the zone of fusion extension at first and apply an alcohol based gel to your fusion bonds. It can loosen up the keratin protein bonds, allowing you to easily break them. After a while, rub a small amount of alcohol based gel between your thumb and forefinger. Then crush the bond with a plier and pull the extension strand away from the natural hair by lifting it up instead of sliding down itself. If it is necessary, you can do it once more. And the whole procedure should be done strand by strand. Then to shampoo the hair extension and natural hair using cold water only, as warm water will allow the glue to re-melt and bond itself again. After shampooing and conditioning, dry them with the cold air and comb them softly, so to remove any other stray hair extension.

Moreover, at the time of removal, it may appear that some natural hairs fall off with the extensions. Take it easy! This loss is actually the daily shedding, but which doesn’t do as usual due to the fusion of hair extension during the extensions wearing time. So some natural hairs fall off once integrally with the bonds’ removing.

All the tips on the fusion hair extension are offered. If you have any more question, don’t hesitate to put forward and we can share all the beauty secrets together. Your attention is expected.