Last time, we have shared the general information of tape in hair extensions. Are you eager to get more information of it? Now, read following, please.

As we have known the tape in hair extension is one of the simplest pattern of hair extensions. How simple is it ? First of all, let’s go to experience.

First, you should ensure no accumulation of oil and grim in your hair before you do the tape in hair extension. So you may need to shampoo your own hair thoroughly.

Second, there is a difference between the application of the tape in hair extension and other hair extensions’. That is do not follow the shampooing with the conditioning, or it will hamper the application of tap in hair extensions. You can directly blow dry your own hair until there is no moisture.

Third, section your hair from the left ear to the right ear in straight line or curve line. Then, do the top section of your hair up with a clip, so that it doesn’t interfere in the application process of the tap in hair extension of the remained section.

Forth, start to tape with the middle section of the extension weft, then the sides.
(However, if you want a full head extension, you can first section your own hair from the bottom of left ear to the bottom of right ear in straight lines or curve line, and do as the third step and the forth step. Then do upward until to the front of your ear, do not over the crown of your head, or the tap will be obvious. )

Fifth, if you feel some areas of your own hair are not thicker or wider than the extension. You can place another layer of the hair extension over your hair in such a way that your hair is like a sandwich between two layers of hair extensions. With your fingers and thumb or a styling iron, press down the two layers, so that they stick together to form one layer. In this process, you should remember that the tape will stick to the other tape and not to your hair, so to keep the sandwiched section of your own hair as thin as possible. You can also leave a portion of the tape for free so as to overlap over the next extension to get a better grip.

Sixth, avoid washing or wetting your hair for the next 48 hours to allow the tape stick completely for a long-lasting effect. And you can get aid from a warm styling or straight iron.

Last, you get a fuller and more luscious hair style.

It’s time for you to have a try!