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As we all know, the market of hair extensions has been gradually perfected. You can get your own hair extensions from salons, exclusive stores, or online, where all have various kinds of hair extensions, human hair, synthetic hair or the mixture materials hair. And there have been several technologies to wear hair extensions, so there are clip-in hair extensions, tape in hair extensions, micro loop hair extensions, fusion hair extensions, weave/weft hair extensions as well. With the necessary information written in last texts, how can you get your right hair extensions? There is a guide you can refer to.

1.Decide to get human hair extensions or synthetic extensions. In the text- Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic hair Extensions, we have compared their differences. We can part the mixture materials hair extensions into the kind of synthetic hair extensions. If you want to have a longer term wearing extensions and still naturally treat your hair with extensions, you can choose human hair extensions. While you just want to temporarily wear extensions and have easier styling extensions, you can choose synthetic hair extensions.

2.Determine the color, length and texture of hair extensions. In general, the color of extensions is approximately same as your own hair color, the effect will be more natural. Of course, you can dye your hair with your favorite color and choose the same color extensions, or you can use the extensions as the highlighter of your hair. To know the detail color category, we can get aid from the hair swatch at a salon or beauty supply store or surfing internet. As for the length, it’s up to you to choose. For your short hair, any length is OK if you like. You can cut and style them after the application of extensions. For your long hair, if you don’t want to cut it, short hair extensions may be not suitable. As for the texture, you can choose what you admire. PS: Human hair extensions can be straightened, curled as your own hair.

3.Decide the type of extensions you would like. We have shared all these present types of extensions in former articles. Clip-in extensions are instant for versatility; sew-in weave extensions or glue-in fusion extensions are for a much longer style. And fusion and tape-in extensions can be used on any hair texture, weave extensions are best suitable for curly hair. Fusion extensions can last the longest among all other hair extensions. But they tend to be the most expensive and have the most time-consuming application process (up to three hours). They are one-off extensions, once removed, no reusing. The clip-in and the tape-in application process is much faster and more affordable, but both of them require more frequent maintenance (every six to eight weeks is OK). However, clip-in extensions can be removed and reapplied with their convenient clips. And the clips can be replaced. Tape-in extensions can be also removed and reapplied. The tape can be updated. While saw-in weave extensions, which last about three months, can be applied in one or two hours. They are the most affordable option.

4.If choosing sew-in or glue-in extensions, ask your hair stylist if he/she provides the applying service. You can also have experienced one do that for you. Maybe there will add the cost. While Clip-in or tape-in extensions can have more applying ways. You can apply them at home by yourself.

5.Make your budget. As far as considered, price of hair extensions ranges from tens to hundreds dollars. And from the text- Price of Hair Extensions is What, better quality, high price. Therefore, usually a medium price range is the top option if you just wear it occasionally. For almost everyday usage, it is recommended that you pay more for it to get higher quality products to minimize the damage to your real hair and scalp and last longer.

6.Determine where to get your hair extensions. You can go to your local beauty supply stores to see and choose. You can also look for them online. You’d better go to shops specialized in hair extensions. And you can find more choices online.

Then, to buy your favorite hair extensions as far as you know and enjoy your hair extensions.