Brazilian hair is thicker in texture than European and is often found to be smoother and more glossy than Indian hair. This type of Remy hair is available for purchase at salons, hair extension shops, and from the Internet. The best tips for choosing Remy Brazilian hair are to pay attention to color, degree of wave, and source of the hair.

Remy Brazilian hair is rarely straight, typically having a degree of wave from the loose to the curly, so it is not the best match for naturally straight hair unless you intend to style it in waves every day. Choose a wave that is similar to your own for a more natural look. If you are getting a wig or all-over weave, then you can choose any degree of wave that you want because it will not need to match your own hair. The thick texture of the strands of Brazilian hair is considered ideal for ethnic hair types.

Decide how you want to wear the hair. Remy Brazilian hair is available in full wigs and a variety of extensions, including weft, clip-in, and bondable. You can also purchase the hair in a loose bundle for braiding. Buy hair in lengths longer than you want the final product to be so you can cut it to blend in with your own hair once it has been applied. This also allows you to make the most of how the waves fall once attached to your head.

When choosing Remy Brazilian hair, you will need to decide whether you want virgin or nonvirgin. Virgin hair has not been processed, so it usually only comes in dark brown to black shades, although slightly lighter shades are sometimes available. You should only choose virgin hair for a natural look if your hair is a similar shade, and this may be difficult to do, especially if you have lighter hair. Choosing nonvirgin hair allows you to more easily choose a color that has been dyed to more closely match your own.

Brazilian hair may, in fact, come from other parts of South America and still be called Brazilian. Quality is more important than the actual source, and the name Brazilian tends to refer more to the texture and quality. When purchasing Remy Brazilian hair, make sure that you buy from a reputable source that can assure you of the authenticity of the hair. If you are still unsure about which Remy Brazilian hair is the best choice for you, ask at a salon, particularly one that specializes in the selling and applying of this type of hair.