Do you think you just need get your hair extensions and they would last forever for you? It would be not right. Just like our natural hair, they need daily care to keep its prime quality and vitality. The best way is to have all hair extensions so that you needn’t take time to take care of them with the inexhaustible quantity, or do a full time hairdresser yourself tending to your hair extensions.

Such are not the case. If you love the hair extension’s magic indeed, do what you can do to keep its capability. The simplest solution is we learn the basic daily care for our hair extensions and do it.

Following, I’m very pleased to share the basic daily care for your hair extensions with you.

1.You’d better not get a pigtail, and even wash and condition your hair extensions for at least 24 hours after the hair extension. When you go to bed, you can divide all your hair into two sides to get rid of their tangling. In the morning, you can use a wide tooth comb or a natural bristle brush gently comb from the hair around your neck, and then comb from the crown of the head to the bottom of the hair, getting rid of the bonds of your hair extension. To have the sleek and glossy hair, it will be better if you do that at least once a day.

2.To wash your hair extensions properly. First, comb your hair smoothly with the wide tooth comb or the natural bristle brush. Then, spread the moisturized and nourish shampoo from your crown to the bottom of your hair, and get rid of the bonds of your hair extensions and try not malaxate and twist your hair extensions as well. Next to rinse. If it is necessary, repetition is available. And the application of the conditioner is also important. You should apply it upward from the bottom of the hair, but keep off your hair root and scalp. Then to rinse. At last, use a soft towel sop up your hair without malaxation.

3.To dry your hair extensions and style them properly, of which the process of dry is rather important to extend the life time of them. You can dry the hair roots at first at the mild temperature and wind power of a hair drier, especially for the bonds of your hair extensions. Once your roots are dry you can add your styling products. You should keep away from the bonds of your hair extensions. Then you can blow-dry the rest of your hair, or let it air dry. It must be reminded to apply the hair essential to your hair extensions before you dry and style them. That will offer the better protection for your hair extensions, the same to your own hair.

4.Cheep ups. It is also very important to have the schedule check ups for your favorite hair extensions. This will make sure that your hair remains healthy and undamaged. And if it runs into the trouble, you can have it into place with a bit of time in a professional salon or a hairdresser’s.

5.When you take part in any water activity, the special care is also ongoing. You can link to my another article, 3 Tips for the Great Look of Your Hair Extensions in This Season, to get the specific information.

All in all, these are the basic guidelines. It seems to be insignificant, but you would be surprised and delight to witness how fabulous your hair extensions will be if you follow these tips. Besides, these are also fit for the daily care for your own hair. Have a try!