The claw clip ponytail extension is one pattern of ponytail hair extensions. So it has the strong of ponytail hair extensions that it can be easily attached to your own ponytail or bun to add the length, volume or color or texture of your own ponytail. That will create your different ponytail looks within minutes. When you are short of time for going outside, when you want to change your normal hairstyle, claw clip ponytail extensions can make your plain ponytail style to be more versatile and charming.

In general, a claw clip ponytail extension is pre-sewn a claw clip, which works by pressing it and is covered by ponytail extensions hair. So with proper applying, there is no need to worry about the exposure of the claw clip. If you have the claw clip ponytail real human hair extension, the final appearance will be natural as your own ponytail look. And you can also reuse it for a longer time and have more varieties in styling than the synthetic one.

Then how to properly apply it?

1. Select a claw clip ponytail extension at a local beauty store or online. There would be so many choices for you. If you want the ponytail extension to blend well with your own hair, you should choose one at the length you prefer, with the color and texture closely matching with your own hair. If you want to be different, it’s up to you to take any kind of lengths, colors and textures in the market.

2. Comb or brush your own hair thoroughly. And gather it together with an elastic band into a ponytail. You can put the ponytail at the high or low section of your head, depending on how long you want your hair to be. If your hair is mid-length or longer, tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic band, forming either a small loop or a bun.

3. You can use the gel or spray to control the fluffy hair escaping from the elastic band or not. Take out your claw clip ponytail extension and press it to open it. And then place it over your own ponytail or the bun. Make sure the claw of it is inserted into your own hair and release it.

4. Gently comb the ponytail hair to cover the claw clip. You can remove and readjust it if there is a need. Here everything is OK. But if you want the best and most natural ponytail look, you can have a professional hairdresser trim the ponytail hair with your own hair.

It is so easy! How do you like it? You can have a try.