Lace ribbon ponytail extensions are another kind of convenient ponytail extensions in the market. They can help you create your longer, more shiny and more glamorous ponytail hairstyles like other patterns of ponytail extensions. But they have their unique feature, they can add the effect of the head accessory with the ponytail hairstyle. Because each of them has a strip of ribbon. You can tie the ribbon into any knot you like after wrapping it tightly around your ponytail or bun, which is like that you have a head band over your ponytail or bun, more personalized.

There is a kind of wrap around ribbon ponytail extensions in the market. They can work as all ponytail extensions. However, they can be taken into the kind of lace ribbon ponytail extensions. But there is a little difference between them. Wrap around ribbon ponytail extensions cannot add the effect of the head accessory with the ponytail hairstyle. Because each wrap around ponytail extension is customized with a ribbon attached with hair the same with ponytail hair. So the final appearance of it would be like that your own hair styles itself into the ponytail or bun hairstyle without any hair accessory, concise but elegant.

Can you not wait to knowing how to apply them? You will see right now.

1. Naturally, the first step is the same with claw clip ponytail extensions and drawstring ponytail extensions. Select a lace ribbon or a wrap around ribbon ponytail extension at a local beauty store or online. There would be also so many choices for you. If you want the ponytail extension to blend well with your own hair, you should choose one at the length you prefer, with the color and texture closely matching with your own hair. If you want to be different, it’s up to you to take any kind of lengths, colors and textures in the market.

2. Wash, condition and dry your natural hair as usual and comb it thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb to eliminate any knots or tangles. You can comb it in the direction you want the ponytail to go. It’s up to you to apply gel or styling product on it or not. If you apply gel or styling product on your natural hair, the style you want will be held firmly.

3. Gather your natural hair together with an elastic band into a secure ponytail. You can put the ponytail at the high or low section of your head, depending on how long you want your hair to be. If your hair is mid-length or longer, tuck the ends of your hair into the elastic band, forming either a small loop or a bun. As well as, you can use the gel or styling product to control the fluffy hair escaping from the elastic.

4. Place the ponytail extension over your own hair ponytail or bun and insert the small comb pre-attached to the ribbon base slightly above the bun. Then, wrap the ribbon or hair ribbon around the base of your own ponytail or bun. If it is the lace ribbon ponytail extension, you can tie the ribbon into any knot you would like over the ponytail or beneath the ponytail, which will create different feelings of you; if it is the wrap around ribbon ponytail extension, you should tie the hair ribbon into a knot beneath the ponytail hair to be undetected. To place the ponytail tightly into the place, you can use several baby pins to help fix.

5. Gently comb the ponytail hair. Nevertheless if you want the best and most natural ponytail look, you can have a professional hairdresser trim the ponytail hair with your own hair.

Simple, aren’t they? Their beauty can be seen. Hope you will enjoy them!