Kristin caught tons of attention when she enjoyed a night out on March 24 in Los Angeles, Calif. She was pretty charming in pink, and her sexy beachy wavy locks got her glamour upgraded in no minute. How does her look in her boho waves? See the photos following.

Kristin Cavallari, 28-year-old, wowed the public the moment she went for a romantic night out in L.A on March 24. It is such a perfect ‘do that Scotty Cunha, her hairstylist, loved his job quite a lot. He shared a pic taken behind the scenes on Instagram, captioning: “I hare my hair face but IM OBSESSED with my new @ghdhair Curve classic curl iron for @kristincavallari’s wavy sexy side part ear tuck! #ghdcurve.”

Obsessed with Kristin’s fabulous wavy hair as well? Would like to recreate the style for yourself? If your answers are positive, the GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron can be of assistance for you.

Just like what Scott wrote on Instagram, he used the GHD Curve Classic Curl Iron to create the waves. Before applying the iron to Kristin’s hair, he used a texturing spray. Next, he took 1” sections at a time and then raked with fingers for beachy waves.

The price of the iron may be high for you–about $245, but if taken the fantastic final result into consideration, it is worth buying. It can help create a bunch of looks, such as retro curls, beachy waves, a boho chic vibe, etc. It is a very practical styling tool for many celebrities, like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson.