A basic ponytail can transform into an elegant hairstyle by rolling it into a long, graceful curl or pulling it up into a puffy bun. A rolled ponytail is suitable for casual hairstyle, a fashion party, a formal occasion. Of course, you can transform a basic ponytail or bun into a natural, romantic look with a glitzy headpiece or elastic headband. They can be various and versatile(excerpt from How to Roll a Ponytail or a Bun ).


We have known the ponytail is a kind of simple but versatile hairstyles. But what happens if our own hair can’t create the perfect ponytail hairstyle? Fortunately, ponytail hair extensions come into our hands. There have been a wide variety of them, different types, different colors, different lengths, different textures and different materials. You can select ones suitable for you according to your requirements. Of course, like other types of hair extensions, real human hair ponytail extensions are the prior choices. Because you must be the same with me want your ponytail extensions to be reused for a long term. Real human hair ones can realize that. And they can keep soft and vibrant and be heated in stying, colored and cleaned as our own hair. It is naturally expensive for the real human hair ones. Quality decides the price.
How do ponytail hair extensions work? Most of them are attached to our own ponytail or bun with direct claw clips, or hidden small combs and drawstrings, or hidden small combs and lace ribbons or wrap around ribbons. If you want to create the most natural ponytail hairstyle, you’d better choose both the color and the texture of the ponytail extensions closely matched to your own hair. You can also choose those which are different from your hair color and texture to create the dying effect. That is also fashionable with my own experience. Furthermore, ponytail hair extensions can be very useful accessories when you are short of time and have trouble in convincing your hair to behave. And they would be like your own ponytail to create different feelings of you, elegant, or casual, or lovely etc.. Each of them can be applied to your hair less than two minutes.
You can use other accessories with ponytail hair extensions to create more personalized styles of you, such as head bands, crowns and so on.
Different types of ponytail hair extensions have different applying methods, though they are all for our perfect ponytail hairstyles. I’ll give them in detail in following articles, please treat them with patience. There is a tip I can give you first that you shouldn’t attach the ponytail extensions too tightly, or you may weaken your own hair, which would become fragile.