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Getting naturally curly hair can be kind of God blessing or frustrating, all depending on how you treat and style their hair. For one thing, curly hair looks chic and stunning, and for another, getting one naturally saves a big sum of money spent in salon or curly iron.

However, while curly hair often represents stunning hair makeover, real curls usually have different shapes and are a little bit frizzy. In this case, to reduce frizz and help create stunning style, you might be in need of relevant products. But no matter how many products you use, it is normal that you will still have some frizz.

To make curly hair more stunning, a fabulous hairstyle can be of kind of assistance.

This ‘do is inspired by classic topsy-tail (Remember the double wrap topsy tail tutorial I shared before?) Just like classic one, this one is also very simple, and it can be styled into a ponytail or tucked into a bun.

For the ponytail version, it is a fantastic way to upgrade a simple low ponytail, while for the later one, the ‘do will be more elegant, making it suitable for both formal and casual occasions.

What you need:

  • Clear elastics. Or you can choose the ones whose color matches your hair.
  • Bobby pins. You will need some if you select the tucked bun.

Step-by-step Tutorial


Step 1: Start with creating 3 ponytails down the back of your head. Pull all your hair back and then gather the hair around your temples to style your first ponytail. After that, gather hair directly below the first one and leveling with your ears. The rest of hair at the nape of your neck is to be gathered into the third ponytail.

Step 2: Create the topsy-tailing. To flip each ponytail up and over itself, you can start with separating the hair between the roots and the elastic to make a hole, then turn the tail upside down and flip over into the hole and tighten the elastic up.

Step 3: Repeat the topsy-tailing with the second and third tail. Different from the first one, before pulling the tail through the holes, tuck the former tail inside the hole.

Step 4: Finish with a little hairspray if you want a ponytail version.

Step 5: For a bun version, you can roll up the rest of the ponytail and tuck it beneath the hair. Pin to secure it.