If you plan to buy your own hair extensions, you will find there are so many kinds of hair extensions at different prices no matter in stores or online. What do different prices really mean? Following we will get to know.

Price should mean quality.
Where there is a product, there is a quality standard. It is not an exception for hair extensions. In general, hair extensions are made from human hair, synthetic hair, or even the mixture of both the materials. Form the former text- human hair extensions or synthetic hair extensions, we have compared these two kinds of hair extensions. The better quality of human hair extensions leads to its more expensive price than synthetic hair extensions. It is the same for the comparison between the human hair extensions and the mixture materials hair extensions. But you need pay much more attention to choose the real human hair in case of the fake human hair extensions at expensive price. Not all high prices in the market link to the high quality goods.

Price should mean source.
As we all know, in the market, price can be affected by the relative supply and demand. For instance, in India and Asia, where people’s hair is basically dark brown or black straight hair, hair extensions made from these hair will cost less than ones made from curly light brown hair. So the price of dark brown human hair extensions or black straight human hair extensions will be less in India and Asia. It will be a different case in Europe countries. In addition, India, Asia, Brazil and Europe are the major raw material source of human hair extensions. However, it is potential that the actual human hair extension is made in another country, even if the source of human hair extension is either of countries above. The cost rises, the price will bring up as well. This is related to the next factor.

Price should mean supply chain.
The length of the supply chain can determine the price. Seeing the specific example, if the source of the human hair extension comes from India, but its production is in China, the selling market is in Europe, there needing cross various countries’ gateway. You can guess whether the human hair extension will sell at a low price.

Price should mean durability.
To be frank, good human hair extensions can own half a year or even one year longevity with good care. And they will be soft and silky all their life time. While synthetic hair extensions at less price can just last a few months and will be dimmed and tangle after a matter of time. To get your own hair extensions, to buy the human hair extensions means a longer term profit.

To buy your own hair extensions, don’t be confused at various prices. Take these factors in your mind, get your proper hair extensions at a good price.