Marked as ever-changing hairdos wearer, Rihanna never let us down, by rocking fantastic hairstyles to surprise us again and again. There is no exception for her makeover in the music video shot on Tuesday, April 7th. See the pictures.

Rihanna, 27-year-old, is reportedly never fond of one hairdo for a long period of time. This is pretty true, proved by her showing off another new hair makeover for shooting a brand new music video. While filming her brand new music video on a barge off the coast of Santa Monica at Marina Del Rey on Tuesday, the singer was spotted wearing a head of bright red curly locks.

For the shooting, she had her freshly dyed red tresses curled voluminously, and two sections of hair twisted up to create two small buns on her head. To match with her new ‘do, as well as the shooting scenes, she wore a fluffy purple panel across her chest and a scarf around her neck.

Rihanna goes so well with super curly hair seemingly. Remember her gorgeous curls at Pre-Super Bowl Concert? Remember her shocking curly locks at the Trocadero gardens in Paris? All together look so amazing.


One thing mentioned here is the red hair color. Have you noticed it a trendy hair color in the spring of 2015? During the awards season of 2015, some celebrities, like Jessica Chastain and Amy Adams, stunned red carpets with their chic redheads. Redhead, as well as pastel hue, accounts for two important components of the latest hair color trend.

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