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Micro loop hair extensions are the latest trend in hair styling. They can also been referred to as micro ring hair extensions. In another piece of article, we have shared what micro loop hair extensions are. They are easy to apply in a professional salon or at home for the unique design of micro ring. So we can learn how to apply micro loop hair extensions. Following is the guide step by step. Let’s start!


First, prepare your hair. Before the application of micro loop hair extensions, you must ensure that your hair is free from oil, dirt, or styling products. It is important to attach any hair extensions to clean hair so that you can have the long term life time of hair extensions. So you can wash your hair with a mild shampoo and a mild conditioner is allowable to offer the basic condition to your own hair. Then to completely blow-dry your own hair.

Second, section the area you would like to apply micro loop hair extensions. In general, you can divide your hair into four sections – from the front to the nape of your neck and ear to ear. A tail comb is handy. Then do hair up with hair clips in other sections while you apply the micro loop hair extension to one section.

Third, prepare the first row of the application section. To take the back section as the example, you can divide out in a straight line one inch apart from it. You’d better divide the line parallel with the center line of ear to ear. Then to divide hair of the one inch section into many smaller sections. Each of these smaller parts is going to be attached with a micro loop hair extension.

Forth, apply the micro ring. To take one of the small portions of your hair and twist it, then to pass it through a loop that has a string and an attached micro ring. You can use a pulling needle to help the small portion hair pass into the micro ring tube. And slide the micro ring close to your scalp and close it with the hair extension plier. Once the link of the micro loop has been flattened, a micro loop hair extension is firmly attached to your own hair.

Fifth, follow the former steps to apply micro loop hair extensions to each portion of your hair. It’s up to you to apply them to sections you want. But you have to remember to leave a section in the front and sides undone to cover these micro loops completely.

All these specific steps are easy to operate in a bit of time but they can keep the hair extension for a longer term while tape in hair extensions and clip-in hair extensions are also easy to apply in a little time. And the micro loop hair extension can be repositioned without a mess. It is not a problem in applying to the long hair or the short time.

If you want to know more advantages of micro loop hair extensions, you can click the article, Micro Loop Hair Extensions. Next, you can apply the micro loop hair extension to your hair. Your experience with your hair extensions is welcomed.