When it comes to fabulous hair makeover, the ones rocked by charming Blake Lively always come to our mind. We have been coveting the Gossip Girl star’s amazing long tresses for such a long time, that we often manage to copy her gorgeous hair. Due to the popularity of hair extensions, we luckily find numerous ways of getting long and voluminous hair.

But exactly, how can we get Blake Lively’s hair using hair extensions? Here I would like to explain it from several factors in detail.

Get appropriate hair texture and length


Blake Lively’s gorgeously long and thick hair has been quite impressive, making the star one of the hairstyle idols. In the past, what could be done with our hair was to take good care of it, promoting its growth and creating shiny hair look. But because of the availability of hair extensions, we can add length and volume to our hair to steal Blake Lively’s hair look. Quite many customers in Hair Plus Base tend to select 20-22” clip in hair extensions to achieve their enviable Blake styles.

Get appropriate hair shade


Fine, we have made a good job in opting for the perfect hair texture and length. Now, it is our turn to choose the most suitable hair color. Nowadays, custom-made service is available in many stores. We can send a picture of Blake’s hair to customize our favorite hair color. Such service is offered in Hair Plus Base as well. Just send a picture to the customer service staff, we can get accurate answers of our selected color.

Get stunning hairstyle


After deciding the hair length, hair shade, we need to style the hairstyle similar to Blake’s. As we know, Blake often wears her hair in sexy, surfer curl. To copy this style, we can select a good curling iron to be of assistance. If we want to make the style look shiny and long lasting, we can finish with a little hairspray.

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