What does the round face look like? In the article, How to Measure Face to Determine the Face Shape, we know that if these numbers of your forehead, cheeks and jawline are about the same; the width and length of your face come to the ratio of 1 to 1; your jaw is slightly round;your whole face line is soft, your face would be the round face. If you like keep bangs, how to wear the best bang style for your this round face?

Because of the softness of your face, you would like to create some angles and make your face show longer. Look at the picture above, these celebrities are all round face as well as you. And they have good samples for the best bang styles for your round face.

新建位图图像 (2)

From the first celebrity who wears the great bang, side-swept bangs, you can get that the side-swept bang is a great bang style for the round face.

From the second celebrity, she wears the angular bang, which adds the angular feeling of her face. We can’t take her face shape with this bang as the round face in the picture. But she is a real round face beauty. On the other hand, it can’t be suitable to wear wispy bang, which will increase the softness of your face.

The other celebrity in the picture above, you may be familiar with her, Taylor Swift, who is a representative of the round face. In this picture, she wears the blunt bang. Is she beautiful? Typically, the blunt bang wouldn’t flatter on a round face. Getting a straight cut across the widest part of your forehead isn’t a good idea unless you get the blunt bang like Taylor Swift in the picture. The key is these blunt bang hair is in the curve of them, whose side hair are longer than the middle hair and the fringe of the bang curving along with the eyebrows. That also takes on a little angle to the round face. And if the whole hair style is the long and straight hair with the blunt bang, it will also be gorgeous and fit for your round face.

You can have a try! Of course, if your own hair can’t create these bang styles at present, it is a little case, you can use delicate hair pieces.