How to get the most beautiful hair style? Sometimes a hairstyle is fit for someone, but it isn’t fit for you, though it is really nice. Sometimes a hair look makes you more charming, but it would not make others charming. Because everyone has his/her own characteristic. As for the face, there aren’t completely same two natural faces. But different people can have the same face shape. In general, there are 5 types of face shape, which are heart-shaped face, round face, long or oblong face, square or diamond face and oval face. The same type of face can generally share the same pretty hairstyle. So this time we are going to know our own face shape first, then we can share the most appropriate hairstyle for ourselves.

Which face shape is your face? Do you know? If you aren’t sure, you can do as me:

First, choose a place with good lighting and a big mirror. And prepare a paper and a pen to write down the measurement numbers, and a tapeline.

Second,start to measure with your forehead. Place the start point of the tapeline on one side of your forehead at the widest point which is always in the middle of your eyebrows and hairline. And run the tapeline along your forehead until coming to the same point on the other side of your head. Then read the number at the end point and write down the number.

Move to your cheeks. Place the start point of the tapeline on the outer corner of one eye. Then, carefully lay the tapeline in a straight line across the bridge of your nose to the outer corner of your other eye. That is to put the tapeline across your cheekbones. Read the number at the end point in the measurement and write down the number.

Now on to your jaw. Start at one side of your jaw at the base near your ear. Run the tapeline along your jaw line until it comes to the middle of your chin. Do as the same for the other side of your jaw. Read the measurement numbers and write them down. In addition, plus the two numbers.

Finally, measure the width and length of your face. Put the tapeline jut under your eyes and measure from the beginning of ear to the beginning of ear. That is to get the width of your face. Then place the tapeline at the top of your forehead, which is the middle of your hairline, and measure straightly along to your chin. This is to get the length of your face. Read and write down these two numbers. The ratio of them would be either 1 to 1 or 1 to 3/2 or 1 to 2.

Now, we have all the numbers. How can you know which shape you are? The result is around the corner.

heart-shaped face

Comparing these numbers, if your forehead and cheekbones numbers are bigger and the jawline number is smaller, that means you have the wider forehead and cheeks, pointy chin, approximately as an inverted triangle. You are the heart-shaped face person as the celebrity in the picture above.

round face

If these numbers of your forehead, cheeks and jawline are about the same; the width and length of your face come to the ratio of 1 to 1; your jaw is slightly round;your whole face line is soft, your face would be the round face as the celebrity in the picture above.

long face

If the number of the length is bigger than the number of the width, their ratio seems to be 1 to 3/2 or more, you fall into the zone of long/oblong face. You can confirm it through the celebrity picture above. Are your face shapes very similar?

square face

If these numbers of your forehead, cheeks and jawline are the same, but your face line is sharp, angular and the ratio of the width and length of your face is 1 to 1 or 1to 3/2, you are lucky to be one of the best face to photograph and the best face to keep the age, the square/diamond face. You have so many famous faces companies in the past and today. Look at the celebrity picture above, is she beautiful? So can you.

oval face

If the number of your length is 3/2 times as the number of your width of your face, congratulation, you have the most versatile face shape, oval face. Do you know Julia Roberts, the beautiful lady in the picture above? You are glamorous as her.

Have you known which face shape you are? Come on, find your face shape, know more beautiful yourself!