In last article, Toupees’ Secrets, we have discussed the phenomena of hair loss, most people will choose to do the treatment of hair loss once they come across it. Although there are numerous available treatment options, some of which are quite expensive and time-consuming. Toupees and wigs become popular in these options. They are the secret options. But there are pros and cons of toupees and wigs to hide hair loss.

A good toupee or wig to one who is suffering from the hair loose is a gift. But most time, people remind the words toupees and wigs of the image of still, fake and very bright color hair look. Thanks to the advancement of modern technology, toupees or wigs can be the approximate same to the natural hair. They are now made from synthetic hair or natural human hair, both of which can be styled following your willing and wear in water and wind without the fear of their falling off. Naturally, these advantages are for the good quality toupees or wigs, which generally cost comparatively more dollars. And most time, people prefer to refer to toupees and wigs as hair extensions, wefts, hair pieces, hair care system, or hair replacement system and so on.

It needs know that hair pieces all need be customized to meet your requirements. The material of real human hair leads to a higher price than the synthetic hair. And the custom process would cost much time and money. Especially for the real human hair pieces, the collection of real human hair needs time and money, so does the maintenance of the human hair. Unless you are willing to wear a back-up hair piece, which is not rightly fit for your head.

On the other hand, the using of all hair pieces is to be attached to your own hair or scalp, which needs adopt the technique of bonding. Some are clips, some are glue, or other adhesive, some ae loops, or strips, or lace net etc.. Whatever you choose, it would be not as healthy and convenient as the natural state of your hair. However, you need, so you should choose the high quality and healthier hair pieces for your convenience.

But compared with other else treatments of hair loss, like those drug therapies do in the form of supplements and shampoos, and some adopting more teleological techniques such as surgical hair transplants and plugs. Drug therapy can be expensive and the effect could be made after a considerable amount of time. Surgical operation intervention is also an expensive option, which isn’t usually guaranteed for 100% success and isn’t included in medical insurance. Using hair pieces is a quick and efficient way to cover the hair loss. Even though there are some cons associated with wearing them, more economic and practical method they are.

In short, to choose treatment is better than none. To do better to yourself. It’s up to you.