A rolled ponytail or a rolled bun works better on medium to long hair. And a basic ponytail can transform into an elegant hairstyle by rolling it into a long, graceful curl or pulling it up into a puffy bun. A rolled ponytail is suitable for casual hairstyle, a fashion party, a formal occasion. Of course, you can transform a basic ponytail or bun into a natural, romantic look with a glitzy headpiece or elastic headband. They can be various and versatile. You may ask can I have the simple but versatile hairstyle with my hair extensions. Take it easy. With your high quality hair extensions, for example, 28inch brown/blonde body wave brazilian virgin hair wefts, that is not a problem. You can treat them as your own hair. So whether you can not wait to learning how to roll a ponytail or a bun. Following is for you.

Roll a Ponytail

Step 1

If your own hair and hair extensions are both straight hair, you can curl them with medium to large hot rollers or use a curling iron to add waves first. But if you use hot rollers, you should leave the rollers in the hair until them cool completely. For your naturally curly hair and hair extensions, you can use a hair-styling mousse or gel before curling or setting you hair. This will help control the curl and create larger curls needed.

Step 2

Comb your hair and hair extensions, but do not over-brush them for the maintenance of curl. Then gather the hair in your hand, then cinch it in a medium-to-loose ponytail with a ponytail elastic. You can position the ponytail in anywhere of your head, which will create various styles.

Step 3

Puff up the hair at the crown of your head if you want a bouffant top by tugging the hair up slightly with your fingers. You can spritz the poof with hairspray to finalize the style.

Step 4

Twist the ponytail in one direction to make a long, pretty curl. Use a warm curling iron if your ponytail needs additional body and shape. Then you can have a soft-looking hairstyle. In addition, you can cinch hair with bobby pins.

There are other ponytails, which are complex. For example, braided ponytail. The basic procedure is the same, the difference is to braid hair before the step 2 or after the step 3. You can enjoy your different hairstyles.


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Roll a Bun

Step 1

After a ponytail on top section of your head, you can spray some hairspray around the ponytail to keep loosen hair around it in place.

Step 2

Grasp the end of the ponytail with one hand and twist it around the end of the ponytail.

Step 3

Until forming a bun around the end of the ponytail, you can use bobby pins to secure the bun. And end with hairspray. Then you get a neat bun.
Of course, there are also other sophisticated bun. You can see examples from following pictures.




As far as we have learned, these are the basic steps to roll a ponytail and a bun. Are they easy? You can have more delicate ponytails and buns on the base of these basic steps. Master the simple technique, return you natural, elegant, romantic hairstyles. Take action!