When it comes to growing your hair out, you may be faced with a similar problem to having a bad haircut. Why? Apart from making your hair long and kind of voluminous, growing your haircut can go with a bad haircut occasionally, because of the split ends and dry hair grown. To have longer hair does not mean no-trimming, since trimming your hair on a regular basis will not prevent it from growing. Actually, your hair will look healthier and be growth-stimulated. If you can not make sure when it is time for a trimming, you are suggested taking these 5 signs below into consideration.

  • You have split or dry ends

Find it hard to make it clear when it is time for a haircut? Take a quick look at your ends. It is the biggest sign, as well as the quickest way. You can easily tell the condition of your hair. Are they fired? Dry? Starting to split? If this is the case, have your hair trimmed as soon as possible.

  • You have funky hair

You might face the case in which your hair refuse to go your way or even moves toward the opposite direction regardless what you try. You may be frustrated with haphazard layers, frizzy hair ends, or other hair problems. If so, it is of potentiality that your hair needs trimming.

  • You have uneven sides

The sign that your sides are uneven indicates that you are in need of a haircut, because uneven sides always come with different speed hair growth. If not all your hair grows at the same speed, it may mess your hairstyle up, bringing hair, long or layered hair.

  • You have noticeable roots

If you have your hair dyed or highlighted, surely you can notice obvious hair growth. It is time for a haircut or a root touchup if you have more than an inch of hair in natural color.

  • You fail to remember your last haircut

Generally speaking, it is suggested having a regular trim at least every 6-8 weeks, because having a regular haircut tends to result in healthy and nice hair ends. If you forget the last time when you trimmed your hair, it is very possible that your last haircut was done so far away. Therefore, it is time for you to step into a salon.

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