To be honest, not many things can be done to make your hair grow faster. Or we can say it in this way, “It’s not actually possible to make hair grow faster. What is possible though, is to make sure that it’s growing at its maximum natural rate by caring for it properly and by limiting the breakage and overprocessing.

No matter with the assistance of faster hair growth or minimum hair growth rate, you need to be realistic that neither of them is effective if you would like to change your lob to long, beachy waves within a month. In this case, you are suggested turning to hair extensions or wigs to add length and volume to your hair.

Just like what I said above, if someone goes from short to long tresses within a short period a time, it can be made sure that he or she must wear hair extensions or wigs. Therefore, we can be pretty sure that Jennifer Lawrence rocks her past-shoulder-length blonde locks by wearing hair extensions.

Just 3 weeks ago, the Academy Award winning actress was spotted wearing chin-length hair. But three weeks later, around 2015 Met Gala, the 24-year-old star dropped chins with her wavy past-shoulder-length tresses.

Maybe you might think that J.Law’s hair spotted over the last couple months was actually a short-hair wig. But turning back to her all her hair looks in the past several months, you will prefer to consider the one rocked recently as a hair extensions style.

J. Law In January, 2015


J. Law In March, 2015

J. Law In April, 2015

J. Law In May, 2015