Debby Ryan seldom dares not to take risk at her hair look evidently. She has been stunning the public with her fantastic hair color transformation. Now, in addition to her awesome hair shade, the dramatic undercut shaved hairstyle shocks us a lot as well. See her hair look and tell us whether you like it or not.

Debby Ryan, 22-year-old, had her hairstyle changed dramatically and surprisingly. To be honest, the early moment when we saw the teaser pics of the Jessie actress’s latest makeover posted on Kristin Ess’s Instagram, we already realized that the sweetheart and her hairstylist were to do something extra special. However, we never expect that she went bolder than ever before–the Disney star had the bottom segment of her hair shaved off.

The star posted a picture of her new edge hairstyle on Instagram on June 9. With her hair gathered into a chic topknot, she showed off her undercut shaved hair look. “Just because you have not seen it doesn’t mean it wasn’t there,” Debby captioned the picture, referencing the earlier picture she shared of her purple makeover, where the short buzz was not visible.

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Debby Ryan’s Pastel Hair Look

We have been stunned by Debby Ryan’s pastel hair makeover. However, not many of us know clearly about her pastel hair history. Remember her platinum blonde hair a few months ago? Well, this hair shade was not her original intent. Instead, she would like to go purple but convinced by her hairstylist of the stunningly ash-white hue. But it proved that the idea of going pastel never went away. She dyed her hair purple and showed it off at Kids’ Choice Awards.


How do you think of Debby Ryan’s hair look? Can you image her new hair change?