As far as discussed, one of the best ways to get different looks for your hair quickly is to apply hair extensions. Hair extensions nowadays are really simple and easy to apply with the latest techniques. And real human hair extensions can be treated as your own hair like heating, styling and coloring and so on, so it is free to apply and take off them whenever you want. My favorable extensions are clip in hair extensions. And I’m prone to remy human hair. What for? You can read Human Hair Extensions or Synthetic hair Extensions or Remy Human Hair. You are believed to be at the side of me. So, please don’t mind I always only discuss 100% human hair extensions. This time, I would like to share some information on the best clip in hair extensions for brown hair.


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24 Inch #4 Medium Brown High Quality Clip In Indian Remy Human Hair Extensions Body Wave 7 Pcs

This kind color of clip in hair extensions can be straightened, curled, styled and colored as your own hair. And you can also care them as your own hair now and then, such as shampooing and blow-drying. They are soft and smooth. It is easy to apply and remove them. You can choose different lengths of this kind of clip in hair extensions to match with your brown hair. In general, the available lengths range from 16 inches to 32 inches. But if your own hair is genius straight, you’d better choose longer length of the wavy extensions than it. Because the wavy/curly hair shows shorter than the straight hair at the same inch. In addition, the 7pcs is a little thin. If you want to apply them to your full head, you need purchase 2-3 sets.


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26 Inch #4/27 Brown/Blonde Stylish Clip In Hair Extensions Body Wave 7 Pcs


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16 Inch #6 Light Brown Fine Clip In Hair Extensions Loose Wavy 7 Pcs

These two kinds colors of clip in hair extensions are all slightly lighter than the last extensions. So if you have very light brown hair or dark blonde hair, these kinds of extensions will blend well into your own hair. Your hair look will be more natural. As for other advantages, they are the same with the last extensions. You’d better get 2 or 3 packs of the item for your full head each kind. They can add the volume and wave texture to your own hair without heating in a matter of minutes. And with the replaceable clips, it is not difficult to apply and remove whenever you like. The 100% remy human hair makes them possible to straighten, curl, style and even color as your own hair. And they will last smooth and glossy all their life with good care.


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20 Inch #2 Dark Brown Clip In Indian Hair Extensions Natural Loose Wavy 7 Pcs

The advantages of this kind color of clip in hair extensions are the same with former three kinds of extensions except for the color. You can use them to add 20 inches dark brown loose wavy hair to your brown hair in an instant. It is easy to apply and remove with the simple clips. And these clips can be replaced. Besides, they are made of 100% indian remy human hair. So they can keep smooth and lustrous for one year with good care. And you can treat them in the same way as your own hair, solving the trouble of extra treatment. Naturally, you can choose other lengths of this kind of extensions according to your own hair or your willing. If you want to have the fuller or full head look, it would be better to choose 2-3 sets.

Above are all the wavy hair clip in hair extensions for brown hair, you can choose the straight hair if you would like.


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18 Inch #2 Dark Brown Clip In Remy Human Hair Extensions 7pcs

You can choose the straight clip in hair extensions in above four colors to match with your brown hair. You can also choose different lengths, whose general range is from 15 inches to 32 inches. They can be treated as your own hair like the wavy hair extensions above as well. It is convenient. But if you want to apply them to your full head to keep the full look, 2-3 sets can’t be lack, either. If you like straight hair, you may not miss this great item at the great price.

All above, these are just my recommendation for your brown hair with my experience. From my point of view, these kinds of clip in extensions are in good quality. They are still smooth and lustrous after several using. They are convenient and worth. They are best what I really need. If you are interested in them, you can surf more information online. If you want the high quality clip in hair extensions for your brown hair like me, you can have a try!