In last article, How to Measure Face to Determine the Face Shape, we have known that if your forehead and cheeks are wider and the jaw is narrow and pointy, you would have the approximately inverted triangle face shape, which is known as the heart-shaped face.

If you are actual this face shape and like keeping bang, how to match appropriate bangs for more nice look of you?

heart-shaped face bangs

With a heart-shaped face, you would like to balance your whole face from the bottom to top and downplay your pointy chin with any possible hairstyle. With the bang, you should avoid wide blunt bangs, which will highlight your forehead. The best bang for you is the long side-swept bangs for sides, whose shortest pieces should hit your face at the arch of your brows and the longest pieces should hit the outer corners of your eyes, sweeping down below your chin and sweep down the eyes. That will draw attention down and towards your eyes. You can see the whole effect from the first celebrity in the picture above.

Seeing from the send celebrity in the picture above, you can get she is heart-shaped face with wispy fringe. It is also nice. You can ask your hairdresser to trim your bang as it, which is a simple bang style.

Another bang suitable for your heart-shaped face is the long fringe, which you can see the outline of from the third celebrity in the same picture above. Does she look amazing? What you should note to do this bang style is the fringe should sweep just below the brows and a little longer on the sides. It is also believed simply stunning for you.

If you can’t cut these bangs with your own hair, you can turn to hair pieces, bangsheart-shaped face bangs. They’ll be your own bang to create your beautiful bang style.

Practice makes beauty. Just have a try!