fusion extensions



We have known that there are two techniques for the application of fusion hair extensions or nail tip hair extensions. They are hot fusion and cold fusion respectively. But in the beauty salon or the hair dressers’, hot fusion is more seen and applied fusion extensions to your natural hair.However, using almost any heat on your own hair can induce damage to the hair and your scalp to some extent. It can be seen from the breakage and loss of your hair. And it would also shorten the longevity of your hair extensions. Therefore, you can turn to apply the other technique, cold fusion, to attach your extensions to your own hair.

Cold fusion is significantly less perilous on your natural hair. No heat is employed, so to remove virtually any probability of burns. This applying process is also perfect for those that have a delicate scalp. It is also not to cause soreness or damage to the fragile hair.

Cold fusion utilizes the technique of ultrasound, in which keratin is fused as the bonding section. And keratin is a kind of natural health proteins existing in the hair. So there will just leave quite tiny evidence for the fusion. Moreover, cold fusion is safe and mild for people regrowing hair right after illness and the natural growth of your own hair.

Besides, fusion hair extensions made from real human hair instead of synthetic hair can be better applied with the cold fusion to your own hair. The keratin of fusion hair extensions will be fused as the adhesive to secure the sturdiness of extensions application. So the extensions will last about 3-6 months steadily. And your hair with the extensions can be rinsed, styled and preserved in the same way as usual without worrying about possible destroying or breaking the binding now and then.

However, if you are considering utilizing cold fusion extensions, you’ll need to look around with much attention. As currently only a few beauty and hair salons are offering this cold fusion method. And the application of cold fusion is a little more expensive than conventional hot fusion technique, which means you will probably only apply the fusion hair extension with cold fusion in high grade spas, salons and beauty shops.

Hence, you can take all above into consideration. If you are looking for a more gentle, safe and sturdy technique to apply your fusion hair extensions, cold fusion is certainly worth your investment.