Zayn Malik has never been bored. The former bander of One Direction switched to lime green hair to stun the public. He showed off his drastic new ‘do in his fiancee, Perrie Edwards’ new Instagram photo. How do you think of his new hair look?

Zayn Malik, 22-year-old, had his hair dyed lime green, and in an Instagram post on Saturday, his fiancee Perrie Edwards revealed the change. It is really a fantastic hair look that instantly reminded me of Jared Leto’s Joker look. What do you think?

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It seems that there has been so much controversy surrounding Malik after he left One Direction. Liam Payne, another member in One Direction, claimed Zayn left the group to spend time with his fiancée. However, some artists have doubled the reason since Malik has even been in a Twitter feud with one of his former bandmates.

Maybe just like his big change in life (Quitting the band means a lot to him, right?), he would like more equivalence in hair, and then he went for the lime green hair. Both he and his fiancee Perrie Edwards posted the same picture on Instagram, and both captioned it: “#GreenHairDontCare”. Obviously, the husband-to-be and wife-to-be both like the new look.

More Information Of The Broken-Up Rumor

The pair have bee engaged since August 2013, and the rumor of their break up rose after Malik left the band.

Do you like Zayn Malik’s new hair look? Will you care if your loved one goes for this color?