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As we have known, tape in hair extensions are attached easily to your hair using the durable double-sided tapes. So the removal of this kind of extensions is also a rather simple process. You just need to loosen tapes. But I would like to tell you it might be better if you do it with good care. That would acquire triplex effects on the removal, the care of your natural hair and your extensions at the same time. The specific procedure is following.

First, find the bases of your tap in hair extensions. And do up your natural hair with clips.

Second, spray ample amount of sheen oil on each tape. The sheen oil can help loosen the grip of tape. And rub the tape to make the sheen oil saturate the rape so that the tape fall off easily.

Third, use hair grease. Sometimes, there are strong grip of tape in hair extensions. They would not fall off easily. You can get the aid from the hair grease. With the usage of the hair grease on your hair, tapes will be loosened more easily. And you can shake the tape in hair extension in order to remove smoothly.

Last, remove the tape hair extension. After the application of sheen oil and hair grease, the tape becomes completely loose. The next step is to remove the tape extension from your head timely, but do not damage the weft. Tell you a secret, the tape in hair extension can recycle.

However, the procedure is not finished if you want your neat hair. There would be some adhesives still sticking on your hair. So you can wash your hair with cold water. Don’t use hot or warm water, since hot or warm water will cause the adhesive melt and re-attach with your natural hair. And as the daily care, to use the shampoo and conditioner until your hair is sparkling clean. And then blow-dry your hair. You’d better to use the cold setting. It is the same reason that the hot setting sending hot wind will cause some adhesives melt and re-attach with your hair. Finally, to comb your hair.

All these meticulous steps are for your complete removal of tape in hair extensions with cruelty free. So as to re-use your hair extensions next time and protect your natural hair. Don’t leave out these specifics. No details no beautiful hair, no charming you.

To be the next fan of tape in hair extensions!