It is common that most people regard ponytail as one of the most casual hairstyles. The hairstyle is mostly selected to skip heat, to save time or to avoid wearing messy hair, and when ladies fail to come up with any other good idea to rock their hair, the ponytail is the go to style. However, ponytail shouldn’t have been so boring, and it can have great fun as well. At the base of ponytail, some pretty sophisticated hairstyles can be created, with the assistance of braid, knot, embellishment, etc. Have no idea of what you are going to do? Just get hairstyle ideas from the spring/summer runway, in which some ponytails looks more than stunning. Beyond your expectation, the styling of these ‘do is so easy that you can create at home.

  • The Twist Knot Ponytail


To get your classic ponytail upgraded to this power twist ponytail showed off at Dannijo in New York, all you need are one more elastic, and shine hairspray. When styling the ponytail, start with gathering all your hair back into a ponytail and secure with an elastic. Next, secure the hair about 2 inches below the first joint using another elastic. Divide the hair between the two elastic to create a hole. Flip the tail of the pony up and through the hole and tighten the second elastic. Finish with a little hairspray.

  • The Fabulous Crimp


The adding of some crimpers and some 80’s inspired texture to your hair can surely freshen up your pony. The ponytail rocked backstage at Stella is crimped partly throughout the hair. The additional texture makes the ponytail cool in no minute. But you should make sure to avoid crimping your whole head, as a full head of crimp always looks dull.

  • The Braid-To-Pony


It is easy to notice the popularity of braids around red carpets and runways. The integrating some braids into your ponytail makes a difference to your hair makeover. Instead of plaiting your whole pony into small or big braids, a style which looks fabulous all the same, this one needs braiding on your head. Start with dividing your hair into three sections and then create a big braid down the middle and two small ones down either side. At last, gather the three braids into a low ponytail and secure with an elastic.

  • The Cool Embellishment


The messy pony rocked at the backstage of Fendi was so cool with the decoration of a big embellishment. You even can gather all your get up hair into a low ponytail without comb them smooth. Applying a large accessory to the pony can make a difference instantly. If you want to add volume to the ‘do, back comb your roots before styling a ponytail.