beautiful hair look

Of course, everyone wants a head of healthy and beautiful hair, and that’s why we pay attention to detail in how to care our precious strands by using various methods, including different hair care products, and different hair care remedies. However, while we try every effort to achieve fabulous hair look, we are doing harm to it unconsciously. Here are five worst things we do to our hair. Check and find out whether they are in your hair care routine.

  • Not Trimming Your Hair Regularly


For those who seldom have their hair trimmed regularly, split ends may be one of the biggest hair problems. Actually, once we have split ends, we are due for a trim. It is impossible for bifurcate hair to recover by itself, no matter how fantastic effect the products we are using promise. Instead, with time going by, split ends will divide into even bigger split ends, causing our hair to thin and weaken. Therefore, we need to keep a regular frequency of hair trimming. If we want to grow hair long, we are suggested cutting 1/2 inch off our hair ends every month, or every other month.

  • Brushing From The Roots Down


It is common that we brush our tresses from top to bottom. However, this basic hair routine can cause snags and breakage. To make hair brushing a healthy way, divide our hair into 3-to 4-inch sections and smooth from the bottom up. Every time we brush our hair, grab a few inches from the bottom, and brush down from where our hand is. Move our hand up a few inches and repeat brushing until reaching the roots.

  • Treating Wet Hair Roughly


Actually, wet hair is more fragile than dry hair. When our hair is wet, cuticles scales can lift, making the hair more delicate and more susceptible to breakage and split ends. When it comes to brushing damp hair, make sure to use a wide-tooth comb. Brush or narrow-tooth comb tends to be too harsh for damp hair. Besides, rubbing our damp hair too hard can also lead to breakage when we towel dry our hair.

  • Applying Too Many Products


Speaking of the last things we want to do to our hair, having build-up and stripping our hair of natural oils top the list. That’s why we should not slather on too many products. No matter how fantastic result the products claim, too many of them can result in dry hair by overcoating the cuticles and preventing moisturizing serums being absorbed. Additionally, those products can not be removed completely by daily shampooing and conditioning, leaving bigger and bigger amount of build up which may clog up hair follicles.

  • Same Shampoo For Changing Hair


Most of us tend to consider changing our shampoo routinely is enough for selecting shampoo smartly. However, according to Elizabeth Cunnane Philips, a New York-based trichologist, it is also of importance to change our shampoo when hair circumstances changes, for instance, if color or highlights have been added. In addition to this, we should also choose the suitable shampoo depending on our hair condition, like our selection shampoo and conditioner for thinning hair when we have thinning hair.