Tape in hair extensions are also named as seamless hair extensions. Tape in hair extensions or seamless hair extensions have bases that have some sorts of medical grade adhesive tapes used to attach hair extensions to your own hair. These bases are various in size, shape and the used material. And they don’t contain any sewing. So the tape in hair extension is seamless.

There are different techniques applied to attach hair extensions to add length, volume and color without causing damage to your own hair and scalp within minutes so far. But the tape in hair extension is one of the simplest. It is relatively popular among beauty circle.

The tape in hair extension is created with stitching fine pieces of hair onto a skin weft and a durable double-sided tape attached to secure the hair extension blend with your own hair. This offers you an invisible and comparatively long lasting solution to make your hair thicker, longer and more colorful, which is the best part of the tape in hair extension. Besides, it is comfortable to your hair and easy to maintain.

Therefore, it is easy to apply and remove the tape in hair extension. However, the glue on the tape will wear off after application for a matter of time, generally in 6-10 weeks. At that time, you would have to apply a new tape to the hair extension. What you can do is that remove the tape in hair extension firstly, and shampoo and condition it, then peel off the old tape, dry the extension and roll out a new tape and place the skin weft face down on the tape, and then cut the tape as the width of the weft. Hence, you can reapply the tape hair extension. Is it convenient and economic?

Apart from, a full head application of tape in hair extension will just cost about thirty minutes or an hour. Is it live up to your quick life style? It can also be tied up and styled as your willing. However, it must be reminded that you should keep all possible heat and conditioner away from the tapes, or the tape will be easy to fall off. Do you have a bit of interest in the tape in hair extension now? Experience a different pattern of hair extensions!