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One third of men begin losing their hair at the age of 30 and two thirds begin at their 60 ages. The phenomena of losing hair also occur to some women. And sometimes that becomes worse, baldness steps into their concern, being an issue for them. While the appearance is so important for first impression, they upset with the issue have to look for alternative hair styles to conceal it. And no matter for men or women, each would like to appear youthful and attractive, especially they are over 50s. The toupee has been one of popular choices of them.

A toupee is a synthetic or natural human hair partial wig, which is used to conceal or cover balding or thinning hair. Traditionally it is for the older male, but with its development and improvement, the toupee has become more realistic and is accepted by younger males and females. In generally, the toupee is the human hair attached to a micro-thin, translucent plastic or keratin membrane, which is preferred to refer to as hair replacement system or hair piece. It can be placed on a shaved scalp or part of the scalp which needs to cover and fixed using a bonding pattern, such as clips, glue and so on. It can be kept on the head for weeks or months at a time. And it is easy to blend with the user’s natural hair style and color. As a user, he/she can have a professional cosmetologist cut and color it to blend perfectly with his/her hair style and color. So the toupee on his/her head looks very natural. Even at the front of him/her, one can’t see or feel there is any difference between the toupee and his own hair. Moreover, the toupee also has many colors and types as other hair extensions, which makes it suitable for most different levels of thinning or balding hair heads.

Naturally, as well as other hair extensions, it also needs professional care to keep its function and longevity. Every two weeks it would be necessary for using you to have an appointment with the hairdresser. If you do as that, you can trim or color your own hair and wash and care for your toupee or hair piece there, so your toupee would never appear to be fake. Otherwise, the toupee would look matted and fake like a nest. And if there is lack of regular base care, toupee would be easy to be off your scalp. How embarrassing it will be! Why not take care of it if you need it? It will turn the lasting long adding hair to you and keep your handsome or beautiful secret well.