There are always stereotypes of people with different hair colors. The most apparent example is that blonde hair people are extra fun but not sufficient to be noticed. And another the most widespread sense is blonde people are sexy. While red hair people are hot headed and tempered, and brunette hair people, like black and brown hair people, are excellent. In fact, all these are not right. You can dispel these stereotypes with people surrounding you easily. But the point that your hair color is your original halo is the fact. The hair color will make an initial effect on your first impression on others. And the first impression can last longest. Hence, what impressions do different hair colors make? We will discuss on the main categories of natural hair color.


Red hair people are mentioned of being hot headed and tempered at the beginning. They are also opinionated. These may sound not be positive comments. But general red hair people are such that. And natural red hair people are just 5% of the total population all over the world. If you are natural red hair person, or willing to have a head of red hair, you should have some genuine self-assurance.


We have reminded that the brunette hair people are fantastic. And the fact is various shades of brown can give the brunettes rather exquisite and sophisticated appearance. And it is vital that if you are dying your hair into brown, you’d better not go with one color tone. Because brown hair is unique to be displayed dull in one shade. You can apply a variety of shades of brown(the more, the far better) to simulate the vibrant and natural brown hair. Of course, some special haircuts can buck the pattern of dull brunette hair and make to be looked sexy.

Black hair makes an impression of exotic and mysterious person. Nonetheless, here must to refer to the point that black hair or black hair extensions can be one of the hardest color to match if you are not natural black hair person. Because this color is seriously sensitive to the complexion. Only the pretty good skin color can match well with the color. Otherwise, it will be easier to stand out the defects of your skin. In addition, black hair can go dull simply and need good maintenance. You may need pay more attention to choose your shampoo and conditioner.

Blonde hair is the sexy symbol. Of course, not all blonde hair people are in accordance with the sense. And blonde is most likely to be the hardest color to retain, if you aren’t a natural blonde hair person. If you make up your mind to get the blonde color, you may be ready for the outcome far different from your expectancy. But it is still the key to locate the right shade. In general, platinum blonde is difficult to preserve and not fit for all people, whereas other subtler blondes can be matched with any person.

Naturally, each color mentioned above has its branch colors. But the general impression of a color is the same. You can take these into your consideration when you are to dye your hair or choose own hair extensions. For the exception, colorful hair, such as purple, green etc., they are to make yourself stand out and unique. They are not formal. Here, I won’t give all the details.