We have discussed some information about clip in hair extensions. We have got that clip in extensions is one kind of essential and helpful beautiful accessories for more and more women. They can help create various hairstyles to make you suitable for any occasion. But not all of clip in extensions are fit for everyone. How to choose the right clip in hair extensions? You can refer to How to Buy Right Hair Extensions. Where there is a demand, there is a relative market. There must be competition between producers in the market. So there bring out different types, different lengths, different textures, different colors, and different materials extensions. We can surf the information to see there also bring out price competition. Not every producer would follow the business code for the sake of profit. Even though the price has something to do with quality, source, supply chain and durability( Price of Hair Extensions is What). All these can be made up. So we could not get good quality extensions only by comparing prices. How to do?

When you surf the base information of clip in hair extensions you are interested in, you can focus on the expertise of the extension, which comprises of the quality of the hair utilized, the thickness of the set of extensions, and how the set of extensions is constructed. The correct combination clip in extensions you want of all the three elements will ensure the good quality clip in hair extensions at the proper price for you.

The first one need to notice is the quality of the hair utilized. The higher quality, the more favorable. As far as concerned, to have vibrant and natural looks with hair extensions, it is necessary to select extensions which are made from 100% remy human hair. A lot of clip in extensions in the market are made from synthetic hair or the combination of real human hair and synthetic hair. Especially, the latter one can look realistic, but they can’t be treated like your own hair. While 100% remy human hair is different, you can apply curling irons, straighteners, shampoos, conditioners to it. You can also color it. And remy human hair keeps all the cuticles in the same direction from the root to the tip. So to choose the high quality of remy human hair clip in extensions, you can have the long lasting extensions with tangling free.

The second is the thickness of the set of extensions you want. This may not be a reference to how thick the hair strands are but how much fullness or volume of hair there is in the total set of extensions you want. Nobody wants to buy rather thin hair extensions. Thin extensions will look bogus and obvious, which will be a total waste of money. How to confirm the thickness? Everything has a standard. The weight of the set of hair extensions, combined with the length is what can determine the overall thickness of the set. Confirm the length, then the heavier the set weighs, the more hair there is and the larger the set is and the more gorgeous your extensions are going to be. For instance, one common length at 20 inches, the thicker and gorgeous extensions set should be approximately 160g. For this length it is not suggested to get anything less than 120g. Of course, you can buy more quantity with less weight to reach the same thickness. So if you wish to get longer or maybe shorter clip in hair extensions, you can use this weight as a normal gauge to determine the thickness.

The set of clip in extensions’ construction is the 3rd point you need to notice. It includes weft number, size and double-wefted or not. The weft number is generally from 7pcs to 12pcs, which will allow to evenly distribute the hair around your head to create more natural looks. And the larger pieces of weft should be attached to the back section of your head. Moreover, the double-wefted hair is 2 rows of sewn hair wefts stitched together, which you can use them to gain a fuller look without too many pieces. And if it is possible, you can choose clip in hair extensions, whose clips attached to wefts with safe silicon.

Therefore, the higher quality of the clip in hair extensions you buy, the more it would cost; the thicker, the more it must be cost. If you fall in love with the cheaper clip in extensions in good quality, which must be less thickness, you’d better buy more quantity to reach the fullness within your expectancy.

No matter you are to buy your clip in extensions in your local beauty stores or online, it would be better to get the three elements above information of the one you are willing to buy before paying your dollars. You should get what you pay for. These three elements are also fit for choosing other types of hair extensions. You can have a try.