Surely almost every woman dreams of owning a head of gorgeous locks. But to make the dream come true, some don’ts in daily routine of hairstyling should be kept in mind.

Don’t overshampooing


It is well known that frequently wash your hair can result in hair or scalp damage. Shampooing can help get rid of dirt, excessive oil, etc. But the counteraction may occur to your hair if you shampoo your hair too often, usually causing oily hair, and dry hair ends. If possible, shampoo your hair at least every two days.

Don’t apply too much heat styling


There is no reason to deny that making use of heating tools can help create stunning hair look, and that’s why flat irons, curling wands, blow dryers and other tools are all the rage in hair styling. But, too much heat applied on hair can result in hair damage, like dry hair, hair loss, split ends and so on. Therefore, you are supposed to keep some tips in mind when styling. First, when using heating style tools, don’t turn on the highest heat as far as possible. Before using these tools, apply protectants if possible. Besides, let your hair air dry instead of blow dry to reduce exposing your hair to heat.

Don’t use a wrong brush size

It is easy for quite a lot of women ignore the importance of selecting a right brush. If you have curl or wavy hair, you are suggested using a round brush. For shorter hair, use a smaller brush about an one-inch diameter. For longer hair, use a medium or large one. If you have hair extensions, use a wide brush to reduce hair shedding.

Don’t use too many styling products

Surely styling products are essential when it comes to making your tresses more stunning, from adding volume to your locks to help decrease messiness of your mane. However, with overdoses on these products, you will gain a negative effect, rather than a positive one. For example, too much mouse tends to weigh down your hair, sometimes leading to a greasy look.

Don’t skip regular trim


It is suggested trimming your locks regularly. By following this tip, you can reduce the possibility of getting split ends. To get a full head of healthy and beautiful hair, trim your hair at least every six to eight weeks.

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